Kohei, Amon & Takara


Epinard is the name of our house and creative studio, designed and built by Masami, the father of the family, around 22 years ago. When naming our artistic studio, we wanted a concept that expressed how people can grow and nourish their lives here -- not just physically through delicious food, but also creatively and in aspects of personal growth and development. While we were thinking of a name, a farmer suddenly appeared carrying a bundle of spinach from the mountains nearby. “That’s it!” we shouted. 

"We will call our studio ‘Epinard’ -- ‘spinach’ in French -- because, what bigger source of nutrition in life do you know? Just ask Popeye.” Since then, our house has been the place of many creative ventures, including a restaurant and cafe, a concert hall, a local artists’ collaboration space, a photo shoot and music video shoot location, and a bed and breakfast. Epinard Retreat is our latest pursuit, and we hope that you can join us in it!